Welcome! This journal is currently dedicated to our precious daughter Samira. We wanted to chronicle her journey from hospital to home. Please follow along for regular updates on our little Samira Melina.


Samira was diagnosed with larynomalacia as a newborn. Simply put-this is a floppy larynx, which partially compromises her airway. She was undoubtedly a noisy breather, especially after feedings. Her specialist said this would resolve-on it’s own, by age 2, with no treatment needed. So we concluded we have a noisy breather, people may ask questions…so what! Good, right!? Not so much!


Well…..later on, she began having episodes where she was unable to breathe. Like turn blue, unable to breathe! We thought to ourselves “is this what the ENT meant by worse? How could we see our daughter go through this? How can this be what she meant!?” After one very scary 911 call; a very long hospital stay-with RSV, & countless visits to the Emergency Room, we were finally transferred to a children’s hospital. Valley Children’s Hospital of Madera.


Thankfully, the physicians here we very attentive to every story we had to tell. They knew that her laryngomalacia should not cause her to turn blue or be unable to breathe. Granted, she had a virus which causes swelling of the airway, regardless, occasionally turning blue was not something we were willing to accept as “part of laryngomacia territory.”


They agreed further testing should be done to ensure nothing else, anatomically, was causing Samira’s very scary incidents. After several tests, they discovered that Samira was born with a double aortic arch. So to make matters worse, imagine a ring constricting this already compromised, & now swollen airway. This means as soon as she’s fully recovered from her current virus, she will have surgery on her heart.


As I open this journal, an invitation for all to follow, we are currently 4 weeks after her initial RSV diagnosis & 2 weeks away from our surgery date. December 22, 2016.


Please keep our little baby in your prayers as this day approaches. As we spend the coming month in the hospital. As Santa postpones his visit to our house, just a few weeks.