Hello everyone!! It has now been one month since Samira’s surgery. Wow! It feels like it was yesterday, but it also feels like it was so long ago. I’m so thankful those days are long gone & we pray they stay that way. It was a LONG month full of so many emotions. What’s most important, is Samira isn’t suffering as she was before this whole adventure began. To update you all, Samira has recovered tremendously from her operation. She… Read more »

  Samira, little baby Samira.. Surgery was 6 days ago, &, as most of you know, the surgery went very well. Baby came from the recovery room into ICU without a breathing tube. We were quite relieved to hear she was doing so well. The nurses and intensivist both agreed, this isn’t common & a great indication of how well she was doing post-op. Especially for being such a major surgery. We were told that the surgery wouldn’t be an… Read more »

  That is 131,229 seconds, or 2187 minutes, or, 36 hours, or about 1 day away. Ironically, while most of you are counting down to Christmas, we are counting down to the day of Samira’s surgery Thursday morning. So to recap, we are dealing with a double aortic arch also called a vascular ring. Essentially, a vascular ring encircles the trachea & esophagus (food & wind pipes) constricting both structures. Click here to see an image of a normal heart & a… Read more »

  Its the time of year so many people get dressed in their best for holiday family photos. Not us. Not because we are in the hospital with Samira, but because I’ve never really followed through with them. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of them- but thats as far as I’ve ever gotten, regretfully. Family pics are very important; they chronicle so many moments, growing kiddos-growing families for that matter, & the many changes we have over… Read more »

  On day 5, Samira had a CT scan. This scan was , finally, the test that would show if something more was causing Samira’s sufferings. On day 6 the team of Dr’s, along with the cardiologist came to talk about what they had discovered & what the treatment plan would be. Now, I’m not sure if its the way they presented the news, or having God close to heart that made this such a relief. Actually, I’m sure its… Read more »

Despite having a minor…ok MAJOR, change of plans for this month, we aren’t letting the holiday spirit pass us up.   A little off subject, but I have to share this. The Ronald McDonald foundation ensures all families have accommodations while their child is in the hospital here. Short or long term stayers, they ask no questions. If your child is here & you don’t live near, they completely take care of you. How amazing is that!? More on this… Read more »

Welcome! This journal is currently dedicated to our precious daughter Samira. We wanted to chronicle her journey from hospital to home. Please follow along for regular updates on our little Samira Melina. Samira was diagnosed with larynomalacia as a newborn. Simply put-this is a floppy larynx, which partially compromises her airway. She was undoubtedly a noisy breather, especially after feedings. Her specialist said this would resolve-on it’s own, by age 2, with no treatment needed. She also warned that around 6 months… Read more »