Of course Daddy brought WINE!

Despite having a minor…ok MAJOR, change of plans for this month, we aren’t letting the holiday spirit pass us up.


A little off subject, but I have to share this. The Ronald McDonald foundation ensures all families have accommodations while their child is in the hospital here. Short or long term stayers, they ask no questions. If your child is here & you don’t live near, they completely take care of you. How amazing is that!? More on this later..


So, as we began to settle in to our suite, Daddy insisted on bringing a little bit of home to us.



Although spending the holiday in the hospital doesn’t seem ideal, we are extremely thankful to be here. We have an answer! & Samira is getting the medical attention she needs. We have each other, a place to sleep, food to eat, lots of love /support, & whole lotta holiday cheer…..STILL!


8 thoughts on “A happy holiday….still!

    1. Heather Post author

      Thanks Shannon! This is such a scary experience altogether, no doubt. Last night my husband and I were talking about how humbling this has (&will always be) for us. Seeing all the VERY sick children, kids & families who are regulars here. Terminal. Our hearts go out to them. We are in a great place for Samira’s treatment. We also realize so many things we take for granted. Its human nature to not really think twice about having good health, or being home with the family, or sitting down together for dinner….these things we take for granted so easily. Thanks to GOD for all that we DO have


  1. Pepe

    Let me know if there’s anyway we can help. You’re right about the Ronald McDonald homes. I had a stepsister with Leukemia and while at a children’s hospital in San Antonio, Texas we lived for a few weeks at the RM home and everyone was so nice.

    Prayers go out to your family. I love you guys.


    1. Heather Post author

      Pepe, I had no idea. Sorry to hear that!
      Yes, the Ronal McDonald foundation has been an amazing resource for us while we stay here. I’m thinking of opening a Shagaan campaign for Samira to donate back to the charity. They help so much, in all ways you can imagine. I can’t imagine what some families have to go thru here & the Ronald McDonald makes for so many fewer things they (we) have to worry about.


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