Samira, little baby Samira..

Surgery was 6 days ago, &, as most of you know, the surgery went very well. Baby came from the recovery room into ICU without a breathing tube. We were quite relieved to hear she was doing so well. The nurses and intensivist both agreed, this isn’t common & a great indication of how well she was doing post-op. Especially for being such a major surgery.

We were told that the surgery wouldn’t be an immediate fix. Her trachea had been compressed for so long, it may take some time to open. We learned this was absolutely the case on our first few days in the PICU. This wasn’t going to be a magical cure all- we can wish though, right!? hehe. Despite a few setbacks, today, 6 days post-op, we are finally out of the ICU!

We have learned there are tricks to feeding this little girl. She is on a special feeding regimen that works for her & her tiny trachea. Thankfully, I think we are getting this down. So far, this is working well. A few days with OT on these bottle feeds, then, its on to solids. Samira isn’t missing a step despite being in the hospital for nearly a month already.

All in all, our little baby is recovering tremendously well from surgery & making progress toward not having the scary episodes we have experienced in the past. At this point, we are on the better side of things.

On a side note- I would like to remind everyone about hand washing. Here, at Valley Children’s Hospital, we are constantly told that we have just entered one of the worst RSV seasons they have seen in years. (I feel like we hear this every year, right?) The PICUpediatric intensive care unit, is absolutely a place that never sleeps. They have so many isolation babies & kiddos here right now. I believe them when they tell me this is such a serious RSV season. Too many germs floating around. So back on subject- WASH YOUR HANDS, wash ’em good, & wash them OFTEN!


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